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Our Story

Who We Are

Porchlight is a New York bar with a Southern accent. But what does that mean? Well, we have married the hospitality, soul, drink, and food of the ever-evolving South with the hustle and innovation of the big city we call home. We were born in New York of Southern roots, and we love to reminisce about our home cities of Charleston, New Orleans, or Memphis…but we wouldn’t trade them for New York. Even when the L train isn’t running.

In our pursuit of the Next Great American Cocktail, we are always learning about new ingredients and techniques we believe our guests will love. We shy away from dogma at all costs (don’t we get enough of that on cable news?). We do what we do for you, and we derive sincere pleasure from bringing people together, sharing our passion, filling your belly, and making you feel more than a little tipsy.

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